„Hot chocolate” body treatment - chocolate peeling with massage 50'

Our new organic peeling with real cocoa is an authentic pleasure for our sweet-toothed guests! The skin will be refreshed and obtain a flexibly silky touch. Its effects: slightly peeling, skin elasticizing, anti-aging. After the application, the devitalised epithelial cells peel off, the skin gets back its gentle touch, so the rich ingredients may be absorbed easier. We use a wonderful mixture for the massage, which consists of almond oil, sesame oil, jojoba oil, castor oil and grape seed oil. It does not contain any fragrances, additives and preservatives! It gets deeply into the skin and is very comfortable, as it does not leave any gluey film layer behind. Its use results a perfectly hydrated, silky and soft skin. We add cocoa essential oil during this treatment to it, the intensive scent of which reminds to the hot chocolate and we can almost feel the fine taste of chocolate in our mouth while inhaling its scent.

18 700 Ft