Bükfürdõ Páros Felfrissülés

 2 Adults Spa daily ticket with sauna

Vitalizing massage 25'

This massage has a vitalizing and tightening effect, enhancing flexibility and loosening muscle tissues. It is recommended for those suffering from constant pain in the neck, shoulders and back due to sedentary jobs. At the end of the treatment a special technique is used for stretching and loosening muscles.

Wellness-sports massage 25'

Massage performed with intensive hand movements refreshing the back and the muscles tired of work. This more intensive massage is ideal for relieving muscle pains resulting from poor posture. It has an immediate effect, refreshing the muscles and ensuring general wellbeing.

*with Bükfürdő Thermal & Spa® massage cream

 2 hot drinks and 2 cakes in Café Siesta

22 900 Ft